The Indian Vegetarian Cookbook

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We are honored to share these delicious dishes with you. In all of our travels, through all the meals we've eaten in different countries around the globe, the most reliably delicious and nutritious is Indian Food. The recipes included here are all delicious and easy to make. Our personal favorites are marked with stars (*).

We would love to receive comments and any input or suggestions you may have. Visit our website at www.globaltickit.com to contact us. Learn to cook Indian Vegetarian Food - The BEST place in Chiang Mai. Learn TEN indian dishes... Pritpal Singh Gulati & his wife Amritjit Kaur own and operate the restaurant. Ingredients: ● 1 Mug of Base Mixture (see base mixture) ● 1 kilo cauliflower ● 1 tsp turmeric ● 1 tablespoon chili ● 1 tablespoon salt ● 1 tsp Garam Masala ● 2 tsp oil ● 1 cup water Directions: ● Put 1 mug base in wok & heat (see photo) ● Add turmeric, chili, salt, masala. ● THEN add oil ● Add Cauliflower & cover in mixture ● Add water ● Cook covered for 20 mins (check every 5 mins to stir) ● Once Cauliflower is soft, serve with rice, chapati or naan.

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