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Sales letters have been an integral part of the business/customer relationship for as long as printing presses and the postal service have existed. The invention of the Internet hasn’t changed that, except that there is now a better, faster, cheaper way to connect with customers – via email. Unfortunately, there are those who have taken adverse advantage of this wonderful communication technology, and this has made it harder for those of us who are legitimately trying to do business through email. These people are spammers and all-around crooks who try to take advantage of innocent people. As Internet Marketers, we have had to work hard to overcome those issues, and to get our customers and prospective customers to allow us to send them email – without offending or angering them. We now are able to do that, however like most things there is a right way and a wrong way to get this job done.

Internet Marketers do business online. Otherwise, the word ‘Internet’ would not be in their title. Close your eyes and picture a business district in your town. You are driving down the road, and you see the various businesses on that road. Now, for just another minute, imagine that there are 11.5 billion businesses on that road. How would you ever find what you were looking for? This is the problem that Internet Marketers face because there are over 11.5 billion websites in existence. Yes, we have search engines that can help our customers find us, but they won’t just index our pages – they index most of those 11.5 billion websites. So, unless you are one of the ten luckiest people for your keywords, you probably won’t be found in the search engines.