Project Management Made Easy

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Like many people who feel stressed and “under the gun,“ so to speak when it comes to a major project you have going in in your life, you are looking for the instant cure - the magic beans that will lead you up the beanstalk and to the golden goose. No such thing. Good project management - for any project - takes patience and planning. Something that very few people today seem to realize. How many projects have you started and than had to give up because of lack of funds, cooperation or simply because of lack of focus? You are far from alone. Every professional project manager runs into these snags. Each day you get into the office and it seems that something is going drastically wrong with the project. It’s almost like facing a nuclear meltdown on a daily basis. The trick of being a successful project manager is fairly simply - you have to manage the project and not let the project manage you.

Are you facing a project crisis right now? Do you have a project that you feel will never get done? One that has a deadline that you feel is going to be impossible to meet? One that is running out of funds? One that you feel that you should never have taken on because you don’t have the skills for the project. Do you feel like skipping to Tahiti so that you can get away from the project?