Henry Gold Party Travel A Day In

$ 7.99 $ 10

Competition in the airline industry has pushed down some airline fares to incredibly reasonable prices. The key word in the previous sentence being "some." What if the fares for where you want to go are painfully high? Well, if you can be flexible about when you travel, your chances of finding a bargain airfare are very good.

Pick off-peak seasons to go to your destination. Not only will airfare be cheaper during off-peak times, but so will your hotel and car rental. You’ll also benefit from lighter crowds. If you can be flexible about when you go, traveling during off peak seasons (for your destination) is the best way to get a good deal. Explore alternate days of the week and times of day to travel. Even moving a flight from morning to afternoon or from Monday to Tuesday can save you significant dollars. When booking online or going through a travel agent, don’t use specific dates, but rather give a timeframe of when you would like to travel. Then you can see the full variety of fares available.

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