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Launching your own product or service which you plan to sell on the internet is never particularly easy. There seems to be a million and one tasks that need to be addressed and overcome as part of the product creation process. After that, you have to bring it to the market and this is not even taking into account the myriad jobs that creep up on you unexpectedly! For many marketers who are about to launch their very first product or service on the internet, the job of doing so is fraught with difficulty and not a small amount of stress as well. Unlike the „big boys‟ who have an army of willing helpers working with them, it‟s a different story if you are working on your own because it essentially means that everything that needs to be done has to be done by you. Of course, this is not necessarily 100% true, because in exactly the same way as the best-known names in the industry can gain access to freelance workers to whom they can outsource some of their work, so can you.

However, using freelancers is not always going to be ideal, either because you do not want to expose confidential information about your business – you wouldn‟t for example want to tell them too much about your fantastic new product in case the idea gets „leaked‟ – or because the sheer economics of using freelancers counts against it. A very good example of a situation where the financial cost would probably put most non-millionaire marketers off outsourcing their work can be seen if you consider the possibility of outsourcing the creation of your sales letter for a soon-to-be launched product. Sales letter copywriters do not come cheap, with the top people in the industry being able to charge a five figure sum for every sales letter they create.

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