Insiders Guide To Outsourcing Your Backlink Building

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This report will be a little different, because it's hard to recommend specific providers. No, I'm not hiding any of my top secret, ninja, stealth backlink providers, it's just that things change all the time. Providers come and go... If you've tried building backlinks yourself, you know how time consuming this stuff is, if these guys aren't making money versus the effort they put in it's time to close up shop. There are some large companies out there that provide link building services, but they are usually very expensive. And I know for a fact, some of them, simply outsource the work themselves. I'm going to show you the different ways I find backlink providers . These are going to be some VERY valuable tips, this is the same stuff I use in my business. Please don't just scan through this, take time to actually read the report. I know what it's like to purchase something and just scan through it... I'm going to show you some proven stuff... Apply it to your business... and profit.

Some Solid Gold Advice When Selecting Providers  Look for the little "extras" some link building providers offer. Things such as pinging, submitting RSS feeds, or bonuses. Sometimes, pinging the links and submitting RSS feeds (if done properly) can lead to your links being indexed quicker. Factor these into your decision whether or not to purchase.  Many times when outsourcing backlinks, people will skip a service offered by people from countries such as Russia or Latvia. Some of the best providers I've hired, come from countries typically frowned upon by many people who do a lot of outsourcing. Link building is a lot different from outsourcing things like graphics, article writing, or web design. Unless you want something very specific done, there's not much communication going on. Most providers simply need to know two things. 1) The URL of your site . 2) The anchor text you would like to use.  Stay away from people offering services to submit your site to WHOIS directories. It is a complete waste of money and you can do it for free (if you wanted to): http://www.imtalk.org/cmps_index.php?pageid=IMT-WebsiteSubmitter

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