Resolve To Get Organized

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The kitchen: Your kitchen is looked upon the heart of your house and for a great reason. Here you're nourished and provided for, even if you're dining on a frozen meal nuked in the microwave instead of a homemade meal lovingly laid out by Mom. . An untidy and cluttered kitchen makes it difficult to nourish yourself and other people, both physically and emotionally. How you treat your kitchen is a red-hot clue to whether you're dedicating proper attention to your own nourishment and that of other people. Squaring away and decluttering your kitchen will open space for you to get the support and comfort that you require in life.

The living and dining-room: These are special places where you socialize with loved ones and friends. Here you mesh with the world while being at home through watching TV, reading the paper or talking over current events with old acquaintances over dinner. Clutter may turn these otherwise special and social places into dens of reclusiveness, particularly if the mess is so foul that it's been awhile since you've invited individuals over. Look carefully at your living and dining-rooms to see what they state about your relationships. Are they significant to you? Are you hiding yourself from other people, by immersing yourself in awful clutter?